AFGROW release 5.03

Dayton, OH, February 5 – LexTech, Inc., a web and software development company providing customized solutions in areas including aerospace and mechanical engineering, announces the release of their crack growth life prediction software, AFGROW, Version The new release includes several new features and capabilities and is fully 64 bit compliant in MS Windows 10. LexTech is pleased to provide our clients with the following new capabilities and enhancements:

  • Multilingual support
  • Ability to use different material data as a function of spectrum level
  • Ability to apply different material data to different crack directions
  • Corrosion Effects
    • Exfoliation
    • Intergranular
    • Pitting
  • Added a new spectrum format that supports above changes and support for future enhancements
  • Ability to open read only material data from a network or online folder (System administrator managed feature).
  • Option to control the % of the axial load solution that is used to approximate the out-of-plane bending solution for straight through the-thickness cracks:
    • Classic edge crack
    • Classic double edge crack
    • Classic through crack
    • All advanced cracks where bending was not previously available (except the crack at slot model)
  • New Advanced Model solution for a corner crack at the countersink knuckle (bottom of the countersink)
  • Bearing and Bending solution for advanced through crack(s) at a hole
  • Capability to use the current 2-D User-Defined Beta Model for 2, interdependent through cracks that can be assigned different plate thickness values
  • Single edge crack model with the finite height
  • Added global “Constrained” property for advanced model in-plane bending (only applicable for notch solutions at this time)

The fracture mechanics database (AFMAT) on the AFGROW web site has been expanded to include data for several additional materials. The search engine has been improved to allow additional search capabilities, and new tabular crack growth rate curve fits for over 50 materials have been added. These curve fits may be downloaded ( for use in AFGROW by all AFGROW, Version 5.3 licensed users. Please see video for more information.

A new Spectrum Management Tool is also available for AFGROW, Version 5.3 licensed users. This software simplifies creation and modification of load history data. Users create individual sub-spectra which may be sequenced in any desired order. Loading data may be entered manually, or by copy/paste from any Windows application. Loading data for a single channel are currently supported by AFGROW, but spectra for three load channels (axial, bending, and bearing) may be created with this software for use in a future release of AFGROW. Spectrum clipping/truncation capabilities are included, and users may add environmental tags to any spectrum level to trigger the use of alternative crack growth rate data in AFGROW for the given environment. The resulting load spectra are saved in XML format. This tool is available for download on the My AFGROW page (requeres registration).

Very Best Regards,