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Suggested Improvements

The following suggestions have been made for ways to improve AFGROW and the AFGROW Web Site:

AFGROW Improvements:

  • Add Residual Strength Plotting Capability
  • K-Solution for an Offset Loaded Lug
  • Stress-Life Crack Initiation Model
  • Expand Multi-Crack Capability
  • Include the Bending Stress Fraction in the Bearing Stress Fraction Calculator Option
  • Ability to Model Cracks in a Bonded Metallic Repair Patch
  • Ability to Edit Parameters by Selecting an Item in the Status View
  • Include Warning to Save Data Before Closing AFGROW

Web Site Improvements

  • Publish AFGROW Tips and Tricks
  • Retardation Parameter "Rules of Thumb"
  • Add Material Data/Documentation
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