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AFGROW different versions side by side instalation instructions

It is possible to have multiple versions of AFGROW installed on the same computer at the same time. The only limitation is that for the COM purposes there can be only one version of AFGROW registered with Windows. Here are the instructions: Copy the previous version of AFGROW to an external drive or another folder. Uninstall the previous version of AFGROW (using the add/remove programs option from the Control Panel) Install the new version in a different folder (i.e.: AFGROW52). Copy the previous version to its previous location. The new version will be registered with windows (part of the installation process), but you will be still able to run the previous version. The registered version will be the version that is visible to Windows COM. To change which version is visible to COM you need to unregister the version currently being used with COM with the command: afgrow.exe /unregister (using the command prompt as Administrator from the directory of the registered version), and register another version with the command: afgrow.exe /register (again, using the command prompt as Administrator from the directory where the desired version resides)
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